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Domestic Violence
Arrested for Domestic Violence? Call a Lawyer

Domestic violence cases are difficult for everyone involved. All family members have to deal with the aftermath of something that may have started with a misunderstanding but ended with the police taking someone into custody. If you are accused of domestic violence, talk to an attorney before you talk to anyone else — including the police. Call the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton, Illinois.

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You do not need to explain what happened to anyone until you talk to a lawyer. Whatever you say could be misunderstood and used against you in court later. When you call our law firm, your first consultation is free. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and understand your rights.

  • What is domestic violence? Domestic assault or domestic battery involves people who live together or who have (or did have) an intimate relationship. Domestic violence situations are emotional, with a lot of conflicting stories of what happened. Police officers have mandatory guidelines that they must follow. Newer laws take discretion away from the police in many domestic violence cases.
  • As your law firm, we can conduct our own investigation. Getting to know the facts of a domestic violence case can be challenging. In cases where the facts are in question, our law firm has investigators who can interview witnesses and examine evidence about what happened.
  • What are your options in a domestic violence case? Your options depend on the evidence. We will help you understand the law and how it affects your particular case. A conviction can affect your relationships with your children and other family members. It can affect you so severely that you cannot own a firearm – a difficult problem for a hunter or someone whose job requires carrying a firearm. Know your rights and your options. Talk to a criminal defense attorney.

At the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton and Chicago, you can be assured of finding the right lawyer to help you with a charge of domestic violence. Attorney Richard Russo, using all the resources of the Associated Legal Services Chartered, provides experienced representation for clients who require a criminal defense lawyer.

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