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Will you lose your driver’s license if you were arrested on a DUI/DWI charge? What are the consequences? What are the steps you have to go through? Talk to an experienced DUI defense attorney about your DUI, DWI or other alcohol-related offense (for example, consumption, open container). For a DUI defense lawyer who can answer your questions, call the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton, Illinois.

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This is the law firm for you when you want an aggressive defense. We have the experience and track record you need on your side:

  • Every DUI case is different. We will listen carefully to what you tell us about your arrest. Did the police have probable cause to stop you? Did they follow proper arrest procedures? We will conduct our own investigation. As a former prosecutor and as an attorney with over 15 years of experience, you can depend on DUI defense attorney Richard Russo.
  • The prosecutor must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our law firm will challenge the evidence. Was the blood alcohol content (BAC) test properly done? Was the Breathalyzer machine working properly? Was the test done correctly? We let prosecutors know they should not proceed without a strong case.
  • We help you evaluate your options. Because of our experience, we know the options available. Given the evidence in your case and your circumstances, what are your options? We can help you decide what you need to do.
  • What will happen to your driver’s license? Our law firm can help you protect your driving privileges. See our page on driver’s license reinstatement.

Whether your DUI case involves alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs, we can help you understand your options. A DUI conviction can mean fines, jail, chemical dependency evaluation and treatment, loss of a driver’s license, higher insurance premiums and a criminal record that can affect career and educational opportunities. In Wheaton, Illinois, talk to DUI defense lawyer Richard Russo. Time is crucial to preserve your rights. Failure to file various petitions and/or motions in a prompt manner may cause you to have your driver’s license suspended or revoked unnecessarily.

At the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton and Chicago, you can be assured of finding the right lawyer to help you deal with your DUI arrest. By using all the resources of the Associated Legal Services Chartered, we provide experienced representation for clients who require a criminal defense lawyer.

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